Director's Message

Technology is the best way to the future development of your carrier path. Because now all the industries have started moving on with technologies. It makes things more productive.
The web industry has taken a major place in the market. Because the market knows the internet is the future. Web-based applications and websites build their own virtual network.
This requirement makes web-based creators. Web developers and web designers take a major place in this industry. Therefore, my target is to share my web-based knowledge and experience with students who are interested in this industry.


Your class was very super sir. It is useful to me and like the class very much . Your voice is powerful and impressed me.Thank you sir .
"Thank you so much sir, your teaching method is very interesting &can understand well Allah bless you sir."
M.M Zaidh Ahmedh
I pray to Allah to continue your work of teaching technology in today's technological world... May Allah give you a great reward in the Hereafter(aameen). I would like to thank you for patiently clarifying doubts regarding technology.
R. Fathima Azka
"As-salamu-alaikkum warehmathullahi wabrekathu.. sir. The class was very use full and interesting. Before attend the class I have not computer knowledge but now I have computer skills. There fore I want to say thank you mafaz sir. Jezakamullah hairen sir. You should continue computer classes in future. because should be useful to lot of students. By: m.a.f Rifna"
I, am currently studying computer science and this class was very helpful for me. I am a Hindu student and mostly Muslim students study in this class. At first I was scared. However, it is noteworthy that all students are treated equally regardless of religion. This class has taught tricks and many new things. You taught every little thing very clearly so that even students without computer knowledge could understand. Others should benefit as I have benefited from this class. So your service should continue. Congratulations on growing further in this field.🤝😊
R. Narmadha
Assalamu alaikum sir. Your teaching was really superb & awesome. Ur explanation was very clear & good. Jazakallahu khair sir for spending your valuable time to teach us.I hope it gives lots of benefits to all,specially to me.You try to taught us the concepts about sessions understand &clearly. So this class was very useful to me forever, for my future also.I understand, what I know about these lessons & I don't know. Ur teaching technique was superb, keep it up sir. I am waiting for your next sessions to learn sir.
"It was an enjoyable class session. Very useful tips. Handled professionally & explained nicely, even small tips discussed which can benefit later. Moreover sent video links of the classes was very much impotant & benefit for anytime in life. Atlast Mr. Mafaz is an unforgettable name. Thanks a lot. Jazakallahair & more blessings n baraka for your beautiful job. Keep it up & continue your great service.. Its more than money. 👍Wl be in touch. "
M M M Zilmy
First I would like to say Alhamdulillah as I got the opportunity to improve my fundamental knowledge in IT from a professional teacher like you. Your teaching techniques are simple, elegant and easily accessible for anyone to learn and put into practice. The best part comes in completing a vast area of fundamental IT within a very short period of time with every details covered. Jazakallahghair sir May Allah bless you and your family with good health and good wealth for being such a wonderful sir. I feel really blessed and content as the course is absolutely worth every penny. "
J.H.A Manal
It is a very very useful class. Teacher's explanation is good.I could understand very well.I learn lot of information in this class. Thank you very much sir.
N.A. Aahil Amny
Acrually this class gave me a lot of confident to achive my target and ur teaching skill is extrodnary and pls continue sir then only more hidden talent students can expose their talent too thanks a lot sir one of my best teacher
Your class has been of great benefit to me. Excel,word La I did not have much clarity at first but now there is a good one clarity
N.M. Rifath

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