Does comfortable life give us a real happiness?

Many people today are not as happy as they wish to be. Technological advancements have made our lives easier and more comfortable. We enjoy higher incomes and better standards of living as a  result of progress and development., but happiness has remined a rather elusive goal for many of us. Our pursuit of material wealth and worldly possessions has robbed us of the contentment that we long far. (Happiness)


What is happiness and how can we obtain it?

Happiness can be defined as a state of mind characterized by feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and pleasure. People always think that their achievements, education, career, family, and financial security can make them happy but later find that happiness is not always the end result. We can own and live in a beautiful home, afford a lavish lifestyle, wear designer clothes or drive expensive cars and yet we may be unhappy. It is a misconception to think that having lots of money can make a person happy.


Happiness is matter of choice happiness.

Abraham Lincoln said “you are as happy as you make up your mind to be” So, Happiness is a matter of choice. We can make a choice to be either happy or sad. Being satisfied with who we are and what we have can make us happy. We should first set our goals and determine the areas in our lives that are important to us. Then we should strive to attain these goals. We should make conscious attempt to change what we can and accept what we cannot.

Positive thinking brings all good things

Being optimistic can aid increasing our happiness. Always think that life is going to get better. It helps to have a positive outlook. Dwelling in the past and ruminating about something that went wrong can lead to depression. At the same time we should never try to compare ourselves with others. It will only lead to unhappiness. Instead, we should count our blessings and be thankful for all the good things we have; good health, family, friends and education.


Secret of happiness

Last but not least we can say that “happiness starts from relationship” therefor, we should all try to improve our relationship with our parents and siblings. A research has shown that happy people live longer, healthier and more successful. They also enjoy more fulfilling relationships and they are respected by others. Therefor, instead of brooding over our pains and sorrows, we should always keep ourselves busy and find pleasure in small things.

So, try to practice this science in your life. Be happy and try to carry up for two three months without giving any sorrowful feelings to your brain. Then you can witness by your self the miracle power of your brain. It will accomplish all your dreams withing a short period of time.   

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