The tale of the mountain

Mountains are some of nature’s amazing creations.

Hundreds of thousands or tens of millions of years ago volcanic lava that burst the earth’s surface, flowed down, in streams and gathered in heaps before they hardened to form mountains. In years upon years beyond comprehension, in numerous ways, sand soil was formed through the process of erosion and decomposition and upon them sprang up many varieties of flora and many types of fauna which fed upon the flora and all the while, the mountains have borne them all up with great patience.(The tale of the mountain)

The tale of the mountain

For the support of life both fauna and flora, the greatest resource that mountains offer, is water. Men obtain their needs of water by digging wells or by collecting it from the rains. However, the service that mountains render to men by supplying their needs of water may be considered as immensely valuable.

It is in the central mountainous region many rivers of our motherland have their origin.  The trees and other vegetation that cover this mountainous terrain, of a variety of sizes and slopes, help to keep the atmosphere around, cool which, in turn helps to cool the clouds that float over them to bring down rain caused by the water vapor that has impregnated them. The change that take place in the vast atmospheric cover over and around sli lanka create disturbances in the bay of Bengal ang bring about unexpected showers upon sri lanka and india. Apart from this central mass of hills that also help to activate the seasonal monsoon rains as well. The decay, over long periods of time of animal and vegetable remains has helped to form an extremely soft and fertile cover of human on the mountain sides as well as on the low-lying plains below them.

The tale of the mountain

We are aware that this process takes place even in areas where there are no mountains. The human-mixed water, in great quanties absorbed as it is, is deposited on the mountains. This water that is collected on the mountains in this manner, while slowly flowing down the hillsides gather in volume and flows down in streams and rivers.

At times, this water gathers on the mountain-sides and form large natural ponds and lakes. When the excess water in these lakes overflows, the earth below it is continually kept saturated and fertile. If mountains are allowed to exits undisturbed in their pristine state, they would be of great benefit for human and animal life. The ancient human communities who understood this, treated mountains as gold.  To acquaint the people of the value of mountains a certain year has now been named “International Mountain year”

Different people look upon mountains in different ways. Why anyone would admire mountains so greatly would be, because looking at them from a distance they look so beautiful. For what a surprisingly long time can we keep on admiring the undulating outlines of the mountain tops!

Every mountain has its own shape and form native to it. One can only realize this , not when climbing a mountain but by watching it from a distance. The true nature of great personalities too, could be realized more clearly only when they are distanced from us by time and by the length of that time.

The tale of the mountain

At times, this separation can occur in a measure of time as well as of place. While we are too close to various persons and get too familiar whit them, our attention is drown more to the weaknesses and shortfalls in their personalities rather than to their greatness or endearing qualities; that is why perhaps, some of those who are chief among men, have a tendency to keep aloof from the general crowd.

Even in the case of material object we fail to correctly comprehend its true form or shape. Just as in the case of a mountain or a pillar, when it happens to be a person too, his true greatness, value and his individuality could be seen better, only when he distances himself from us. However, even in this, there is a limit or end to it.

Our experience is , that however high a mountain is, the more and more we get further and further away from it, it would seem to be getting smaller and smaller, until finally disappears from our sight.          

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