Why Do we love?

It is a certain mutual mental relationship that is generally identified as love. We speak of several kinds of love conjugal love, maternal love, paternal love, fraternal love.

In this relationship, the initial step would be, developing a link or an infatuation; this link or infatuation may not remain constant all the time; on the other hand, neither does this relationship remain similar with everyone.

Relationship and love

For example;   we all have friends, yet can it be supposed  that we love all our friends whole-heartly, in the same manner? The growth of our relationship would vary according to the intensity of our like or dislike of the person concerned; on this too, would depend whether that love would be secure or not. If this trend of mind  would continue to survive, there is one thing we would have to accept; it is invariably, one person we like most and most, and that is the one person we love.

By giving some thoughts as to why we love a person, we would become aware of the nature of that love.

Why do we expect another to love us just as we love another? It is those who are sympathetic to our ways that cultivate a linking to us : When we are happy, they are happy, when we are unhappy, they are unhappy.  What a beautiful it is? This situation which arises on account of mutual relationship, is capable of making a great difference in us; if another sympathizes with you when you are In great travail, the thought that there is someone else too, sharing our sorrow certainly reduces it, and by that means, consolation comes. So, don’t you see that it is our unwillingness to live isolated that enhances the value of relationship.

The mutual relationship that relieves us from loneliness is love.   

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